Monday, July 11, 2011

Bee Hive Update People!

 So the landscaper guys around my house decided it was time to trim all the bushes and things. This is great news, because not only will the place look better, but it opened up a clear view to the bee hive I have been talking about in posts of the past!
Good thing those landscapers wear full body gear when doing their work . haha!
 I decided to brave getting within 3 feet of the hive itself to get this picture. You can clearly see the bee hive structure. As well as the honey comb shape those bees are so good at making! We all know how precious our world is and how much of a role Bees play in keeping all the fancy plants in it alive. So let us hope this hive does not die!
 I then got just a tad closer for a better shot of the whole thing It is pretty darn big. Probably weighs like 15 LBS or more I would guess if it is not hollow.But it is crazy how  I wanted to make my own bee hive and then this springs up. Just keep praying that the home owners don't decide to kill it.
 I have not heard of any talk or even mention of this bee hive outside my own family, so maybe its just in a really good out of the way spot . Lets hope it stays that way and the Home owners association does not act dumb and opt to have it removed.
Then to make your day even better, another picture of ducks! These were at the marina near my house. So funny watching them swim!
KK! Thanks for reading guys! come back soon !


  1. How cool! Awesome pictures. I hope nothing happens to the bees!

  2. Awesome so can we expect some local organic honey from you now?

  3. Isn't it illegal to kill a beehive there? Here, even to remove it you undergo a process, if it's not necessary they won't do it.

  4. We need as many bees as possible, they are vital to human survival.

  5. Besides the home owners you also need to keep an eye out for interference by Winnie.

  6. I'd be fine with a bee hive by my house but I have a ton of wasp nest all around my yard. They are vicious.

  7. Scary... Hit me back,