Saturday, June 23, 2012

Microsoft 360 could be banned in the us

According to the IGN website there could be a large problem with Microsoft selling its x box in the us

The condensed version is that Microsoft and Motorola both are using each others patented technology and codes and are saying they owe each other money for it. And because neither side is willing to back down its going to court where the x box could be banned outright.

So good job you whining baby s ! Learn to play nice or do not play at all. Man! What is this lawyer ridden world coming to!?

All this just makes me sick, law suits are ruining to world. You can't even walk outside with out somebody threatening to sue you for breathing their air!

But that's enough, i just hope this all works out. If the x box is banned it can only be bad news for the economy and we do not need more of that!

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  1. It is not Motorola anymore, this is google and Microsoft war. Both are commercial product companies, they won't let anyone ban Xbox, they own US, that would be end of the world, I have ps3 though I am a Microsoft fan

    1. Yeah. I doubt that it Will really be banned, but its still fun to ponder.