Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why Walking the dog is useful!

So, I got up, and decided to walk my dog.
 I grab my phone and coffee and head out! We walk around as usual. She smells her usual places, and finds some strange ball somebody has left. so of course she picks it up and walks around with it like she owns it! Then we come across a fancy little Microwave! I thought that was really neat! not only do I get to have breakfast today, but I also get to take an appliance up to the recycling guy who buys this stuff by the pound!

 With The dogs walk behind me I set out to feed my body, as it has been fasting since the day before (if you forget about my black coffee... which has about 3 calories anyway) So i decide to go Simple today!
Just a bowl of oatmeal and some toast, with a single cinnabon bite! Had some left over so i thought would add that little Pazazz to my breakfast.
 Welllllll... my oatmeal got too hot in the microwave and it decided to make a big mess. haha. oh well, still tasted good!

For those who care to know, my oatmeal of choice is Maple Brow sugar! it does not come with the blueberries on the box, also there is no disclaimer saying it does not. Thus that is false advertisement . I should sue and further wreck this country!
 Breakfast has come and gone, and I'm left standing with nothing on my plate. So what better to do then Go to my brother in law and sisters house to do yard work! but not just any yard work! I GET USE A SHOVEL! Thus we go to the front of the house, and proceed to uproot the pesky giant bush thing that was populating a good portion of the front yard. It was probably on the verge of being super evil and getting its root into the foundation of the house, or the plumbing or something just as evil! So we decided to remove it!
 After a good half hour of digging and using Loppers to cut the larger of the roots, and a full on axe to hack through the thickest of the roots we were kinda tired. As we are men we have huge egos and need to polish them. As part of this polishing agreement signed by living we decided to take part in what every man should do! Using a truck to remove a well grounded stump! After going to the Home Depot to gather our courage and a 40$ solid cast iron chain we regroup and hook it up! With the truck in reverse and 4-wheel drive set we haul that thing outta the ground like it were worth its weight in gold! (which it really is not. in fact it will probably cost money to dispose of )

Needless to say the truck did its job! That thing sure holds its own and earns it keep around here! By far being the biggest Stump to be removed by the
Glorious Duo that is my brother in law an myself. That thing had to weight at least 400 pounds. No bloody way could we have removed that thing in one piece without the use of the truck. Now if we could only get that truck on the back side of the house. We could do some real damage then!

Well Yall! Rock on with your bad selves, find those microwaves, and keep reading my blog! THX!


  1. freaking microwaves should have a built sensor to tell you when your shit is blowing up.

    Many Hotpockets RIP!

  2. lolz scrogglez
    i like your pictures. they draw me into your day.

    ps why do you have a dog when cats are better? <3

  3. love your blog, keep it up!

  4. Its also a good workout for both of you :]

  5. I hate when oatmeal or cereal boxes have delicious fruits in the cover. You buy it and open it up, to see it was a lie the whole time :'(

  6. Wow keep up the good posts, my friend!

  7. cute dog and thanks for ur comments ^^and i hate it when things explode in the microwave :(

  8. This IS kind of like a diary, but the pictures make it much better than your average diary.

  9. haha! i hate it when oatmeal overflows in the microwave!!

  10. @thenitefalls - it's only a serving SUGGESTION lol :P