Friday, May 20, 2011

Since I can't have bees....

I know all of you deal with this (except for the major hippies out there, or those Indian folk who are still true to their roots) . Your walking around, minding your own business. Maybe your working, or jogging, when you start to feel your heel start to rub kinda rough on the bottom of your shoe. Instead of that smooth, soft feeling you normally have, its rough, and you start to sweat on that one spot. The worst part is because your currently busy you don't have time to pull your shoe off , sit down and examine what the cause of this new uncomfort is. So as the day goes on it just gets worse and worse.
Your mind is filling with weird thoughts of foot fungus, or maybe you developed a skin condition just on the heel of your foot?
So as you freak out just a little bit and you have to keep on working and talking to the customers, all while pretending your having a grand old time with the nagging feeling your getting trench foot on the back of your mind.
Then at your lunch break you finally have time to remove your shoe, and inspect the supposed boil, or skin cancer that is developing on the underside of your foot.
To make matters worse, the unthinkable happens, when you take your shoe off your foot stinks! But it never stinks! You rotate your 3 pair of shoes every day. You use a mild amount of Lysol in your shoes every night before bed, you even use baby powder on your feet after taking a shower and before putting on your socks! why on earth would your ONE foot stink?
All the thoughts of your foot falling off from diabetes (which you don't have)  to you stepped on a nail when your foot fell asleep and now its decomposing because you never felt it. All these thoughts rushing through your head in the 3 seconds it takes you to actually look at the underside of your socked foot.
You then lay eyes on the culprit, and to your great relief it is only a hole in your sock

6-Pack Hanes Toddler Boys Non-Skid Ankle Socks P6 27/6, White w/ Asst Heel and Toe, 4T-5T

 You take a deep breath, and calm down, but then you remember that these are your lucky socks, and have been lucky for the last 4 years. That is why they are holy, and your skin rubbing and sweating straight into the fabric of your shoe caused your foot to stink, and you did not devlope diabetes without knowing it.

Needless to say, this is kinda what happened to me, now I gotta get new socks. Thinking about these. Great price and Hanes is my go to for socks.

KK, thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoy my thought process put into words.

My "Lucky" sock. Served me well, but now it's time to move on. I'll miss you my poor sock!


  1. Oh, yes. Eeshie can definitely relate...

  2. Hanes is your go to, yet your lucky sock is Nike.

    Just an observation. Cough.

  3. I'm more of a black sock kinda guy myself

  4. I never hold on to socks for too long - new ones feel too nice!

  5. Yeah it happened to me and i had to cut the back of my shoe off so I could go out lol.

  6. lmao lucky sock is still holy :O

  7. Really???? All that thinking over an uncomfy foot....dang what would you think about if you had allergies???? We are being invaded by aliens?

  8. Your lucky sock looks like some of my dress socks.

  9. you can't even stop for one second and check it out? that sucks.

    You can visit my blog here.

  10. I just love getting new socks. so warm and fuzzy. I suppose I wear them out too fast.

  11. I can never hold onto socks that long. They always try to excape before my toes destroy them.