Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Strange Things people do.

 I'm poking around school when I come across a garbage can. This is a good thing, because I had a wrapper to throw away and did not want to litter. So as I walk up to it I notice there is a strange thing on it. There is a sticker that reads "Landfill Bad" in big red letters on a white background. Normally I don't take the time to read things people put on garbage cans, but the big red letter caught my eye.

 I was quite amused at this sticker. Somebody actually took the time to purchase it from a store and knew exactly where to put it! How strange the amount of free time some of my fellow college students have. Then as I walk the campus I notice a few more Garbage cans with the sticker... Now I'm suspecting something bigger. Then I start to realize that EVERY SINGLE GARBAGE CAN has these these stickers on them . I am simply amazed at the gusto, the time, the effort... the large wad of Cash it took to put this little bumper sticker rebellion on.  About the only thing this sticker makes me want to do is litter my trash because it's telling me to not use the garbage can. A tad counter productive.
 Really, I don't care about the landfill problem. It is just a problem waiting to be solved. Somebody will come up with an idea that will make them rich, and our planet and drinking water will be all the better for it. But to spend hundreds of dollars and probably a few days time to vandalize all the garbage cans on the campus? That is simply just a strange act. Though it does make me think... mostly about how some people are way to concerned with the health and well being of the planet. It has been around for a very long time. Nothing we humans do to it will make it go away. Our silly nuclear bombs and toxic waste and all the other "terrible" things we humans have come up with pail in comparison to nature. Even after the world is covered in nuclear fall out, it will still be here... we won't. So don't worry your little head about the planet, it has and still will take care of itself, just worry about your own life.
 On a more fun note. Some weirdo decided to plant a tomato plant under the campus map at the entrance to the library . I find this to be silly, but quite an achievement to not have it plucked out yet. I'm wondering if the 3 green tomatoes will actually turn .

The person who planted this rouge tomato plant, I wish you well, even though your probably the same person who put up all those stickers... Such a strange thing is college.

KK! Thanks for all the reads guys! come back soon!


  1. Don't worry about the planet you say. It will take care of itself you say. I'm not a tree huger or anything.. but what?

  2. @D4 : The planet will still be here when everything ends, but humans will not. So don't worry about it, worry about youself.

  3. It will take a lot more than recycling to save the planet. We'd all have to stop driving, stop using, and producing anything that is disposable (baby wipes, water bottles, batteries, toilet paper, toothbrushes....), etc. Essentially the entire human population would have to completely abandon our current way of life.I know! Let's all live in a commune! Yay socialism!

  4. "I don't care about the landfill problem. It is just a problem waiting to be solved." This is just a very dangerous way to think about anything. Individuals can have an impact...are you familiar with the butterfly effect?

  5. Next what? You may expect this sticker on the graveyard ?

  6. Haha that is odd.

  7. wow i would love to randomly plant plants at weird places AD its pretty cool they put up the stickers too :p

    and yep we went to the airport dress in the kigus but only two of my friends kept theirs on :p I took mine off for security :p

  8. Goodgrief people are soooo worried about things....sheesh
    I wonder if it was Jonny Appleseed who planted it but ran out of appleseeds and had to resort to said.
    Lets make spagetti!