Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Energy without the jitters!

I know you all want to know how my studies and plans are progressing with my bee hive ideas. It saddens me to say this. but I probably will not be getting a bee hive. Just too high risk and too much to worry about at my sisters house. HAHA, even though she would love to have 15 K bees swarming around he 15 month old kid, I think I'll have to just wait till I get my own place to have a bee hive.

NOW, with that said, I will no be giving up 100% on the idea, because it does interest me a great deal. However I will have to move on to other topics to discuss here, since I will not be able to give first hand accounts of how "my " bee hive is doing.

I Am sure you are all fully aware of all the fancy energy drinks out there. From Amp, to RedBull to Monster and RockStar and (my favorite) 5 Hour Energy.

For all those folk out there who  LOVE these drinks, you should know that they could make current heart conditions worse, and even cause heart attack.              ,2933,487088,00.html                                          
Sure, it's fox news, but even if its a Repub conspiracy some how, what are they trying to get you to think? Red bull is evil? LOL. Well anyway, the story in the link above basically says the Red Bull the kid drank might have been the cause of her heart attack. HOWEVER, caffeine alone will probably not cause you to have heart problems.
In this case the girl has preexisting conditions that were awakened by the "several" caffinated beverages she had consumed that night.
Moarl of the story? EVERTHING IN MODERATION!  The scariest part of this story is there are more stories out there of 21 year olds (and younger) who have genetic heart problems they DON'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT, and they can be triggered by huge amounts of caffeine , or even just one full can depending.
Is this reason enough to be scared out of not drinking energy drinks anymore if you have a family history of heart disease? I hope not. but what If you still want to get all the benefits without worrying about turning up dead on a hospital gurney with some EMT pumping your chest to no avail, then I might have an answer for you?

Do what I do, Eat Brewers Yeast and have a single cup of coffee!
That's right folks! There is an alternative to those silly energy drinks that may or may not have things your allergic to  or an excessive amount of caffeine. 
You can read the nutritional facts. Basically a bunch of B vitamins and stuff.
 Brewers yeast has been around for quite some time.  My mother grew up in the sixties and was eating this stuff. I must say, it is very hard to find palatable ways of consuming this, however, whenever I do I feel great!

 The fastest way I have found to eat this is to mix it in with juice. I only had orange juice today, but it still works. my favorite is purple grape juice (not purple drink)
Pour yourself a glass(about 1 1/2- 2 cups)

 Then Mix in one spoon full of the brewers yeast. Mix well until you see no more chunks.
And as you can see the orange juice is a noticeable shade or two      <--darker. Once mixed, drink and enjoy.

THEN , the finish off the "energy Drink" make yourself a cup of coffee, use as much or as little at you like. the coffee is up to you and how much you like. I usually go for a 1 1/2 cup. That kick starts my morning, then the vast amount of B Vitamins in the brewers yeast Keeps me going all day long.
have you ever seen the "5 Hour Energy " commercial? Well the whole "hours of energy now and no dead feeling later" is what this does too. but better then 5 Hour Energy. mostly because You can control the caffeine to B vitamin ratio.

KK! thx all for the reads! hope you will tune in next time for my next way to eat Brewers yeast!


  1. Where did you ever get this idea from!?

  2. Pft. Bee's and kids go together like beer and bars. Pft.

  3. Seems like a crazy idea, but do-able. Better then killing yourself with energy drinks.

  4. that looks kinda gross, if you ask me

  5. I never like drinking caffeine, it makes me tired for some reason :(

  6. Awww that sucks about the bees :(

  7. I use brewer's yeast to brew beer! You should check out yerba mate if you like natural energy without the jitters.