Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Waiting for warmer Weather!


: ceorl (original spelling)
: a medieval peasant
a: a rude ill-bred person b: a stingy morose person (learning new words is fun! LOL) 

As you know, With my last post, I want the weather to warm up. Not just because I want to bust out my short (which are much more comfortable), or want my garden to do better. I also want to get to deep frying some turkey!
I know It is usually a Thanksgiving time thing to do, but it's always too cold to deep fry, or it is raining. Always an excuse around Turkey Day. I figure If I wait for a clear day there will be no excuse.
I have all the gear I need to deep fry me some tasty turkey! The propane tank,

the burner attached directly to the tank. AND if you look closely you can see the fire spewing forth from the burner! haha, IT LIVES!

I also purchased the 40 quart pot and lid for it just for this occasion! Not to mention the 5 gallon jug of peanut oil!

I gotta use the oil before 11-15-2011 too, that's when it goes bad. ew... rotten oil are gross.
All this stuff has been taking up space and I think it is feeling neglected. I should put it to use and get that turkey defrosted and fry me up some tasty bird!

Aight Ye'all. Thx for the reads!


  1. Hope you don't burn anything important by forgetting about displacement.

  2. post some pics of the tasty bird later!!

  3. there is never a bad day to have deep fried turkey...or deep fried anything for that matter.

  4. i love your three blogs! very original posts!

  5. Deep Fried WHOLE turkey?

    That's awesome

  6. frying turkeys makes them so good. Thanks for the post.

  7. that looks like the thing the balloons have!

  8. post more on your videogame blog bro

  9. Peanut oil is pretty good. Haven't fried a whole turkey though.