Tuesday, November 14, 2017

DIY video demo, how to make Emergen-C

A while back I made a very informative post on how to make your very own cup of Emergen-C, which you can see by clicking HERE. It got a few views, which was great because I think I helped some people get over sinus infections, allergic reactions and the like but I felt it was lacking, so I went ahead and made an improvement by filming the whole ordeal in a step by step process so nobody misses a single thing. I think you will like it.

Now I know it might be overwhelming to see just how simple it is to make yourself a wonderful cup of flu fighting Emergen-C, but do not be alarmed, I will not share your shock with others. It will be our little secret. So get out there with the new found knowledge my fancy new video imparted on you and fight those allergies, colds and anemic episodes!

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