Friday, February 10, 2012

Christmas is almost here!

Here is a list of things that I want for Christmas! I thought I would start early this year! In fact if you wanted to get them for me now I would be rather pleased with that. haha.

Seeing as how I have started school and I will be staring at books all day long I might as well make it a bit more comfortable by propping them up. My preference leaned towards the first one because it has a metal clip to hold it closed when your not using it, but the second one seemed to be a tad more sturdy.

For my health I have decided to to take a proactive approach and fight the problems down the road now!
For the health of my joints and then because Nobody like U.T.I. problems.

Because I will be spending long days away from any heat sources (other then my car in the sun) to warm my food I will be needing a way to keep it hot!

Then if you want to get me some school supplies be my guest!


  1. HA. nice try but its too early in the year for my mind to even acknowledge what Christmas is.

  2. I was jut like, what. Christmas. Woah, man lol

  3. Excellent idea to request your gifts now when you need them the most. I think you're great, but you're not my kid and I'm not getting you anything. I wish you well, though, and I'm happy you're in college.