Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It is gone... gone from my life forever.

Hey guys, sorry for not posting in a while. I have been super busy with finals week and in the summer it is all compounded. So I'm back at it!
I would like to cry. As it turns out somebody decided to remove my precious bee hive. Sure it could have been a danger to all the children playing around it . Sure It might have been a nuisance to all the surrounding houses. BUT come on, did they really have to remove the bee hive?

Now all that remains is a gaping hole where the hive used to be. If you take a look at the picture on the left you can see they cut a hole into the bush where the bee hive was. Now its just a wound, a black hole of depression sucking you in . 

Then as I got a closer picture of the hole in the bush I saw they actually cut the branch the hive was based on. As I was taking the picture I saw a few bees still buzzing about, looking for their missing home. It was so sad.  Now, I do have hopes that this bee hive was relocated, transplanted to a new home, where it could live without proving to be a danger to the children in the residential area, but I don't have faith that it happened that way. What probably happened was the gardeners were told to get rid of it and they just ripped it out and threw it away.
BUT, that was all too depressing, so Ill move onto something that is more fun to think about. My sister would appreciate this little change I have noticed. For my whole life the neighborhood I grew up in had lamps placed throughout the complexes. They always looked like the one directly below. A big bulb of plastic that sits on top a metal pole with a light on top. Kinda a funny sight, but it did the job. 

The lamps are slowly but surly being replaced with these new fangled clear glass light covers. It is a blown glass I would guess, and kinda looks like a fancy vase, but if it does the job that is all I care about.
Well, thanks guys for reading! Sorry I was a bit depressing with my post, but that bee killing kinda put me out. But come back next time and I promise to be more uplifting


  1. People are stupid. I'm all upset and poop.

  2. I picked the two tomatoes that grew in the garden. I made BLT's for lunch! mmmm. Now I just need a bacon plant.
    Hooray for new lamp posts!

  3. that is very sad. i hope that they did transplant the hive elsewhere and that the lonely homeless bees find there way back or get adopted by a new hive.

  4. too bad about the bees. Bees are endangered.

  5. Yeah, not cool.

  6. Hopefully they didn't just destroy it, it is kinda sad.

  7. Did the bees try to rebuild yet?