Thursday, January 5, 2012

Got a new bed today!

It only the bed frame though. Not a whole new mattress as well. That will come later, everything in small steps. I don't want to get too far ahead of myself.

So the thing comes in a long rectangular cardboard box. The UPS dude drops it off on my back porch around 7:00 AM when I am dead asleep. This made my dogs bark their little heads off. They heard the back gate open, then some really loud THUMP when the guy set it down, then he slammed the gate closed. He probably made a bunch of noise so as to make his presence known so I get the package off the ground and inside before it rains. All I had to say was , THANKS FOR WAKING ME UP! LOL, my day off and still have to get up early. oh well.

So I drag the thing inside, it is actually a bit lighter then I thought it would be although it is still heavy, and I start to open it. Now it is a foreign object to my dogs, so they bark at it when it's in the house, my dogs can be so silly. I let them sniff it and they growl at it a little then get used to it, lick it, then move on like it never happened.

This might be a strange thing to be excited about. However, when I first opened the box I was a little overwhelmed at how many pieces there were, and I was wondering why the thing gets such great reviews. But then I located the directions and the bag of screws and things, and I realize that the instructions are written in PLAIN ENGLISH! It is as though somebody who designed the thing was a native English speaker, and they wrote the instructions so that ANYBODY could put the thing together! They even had you double check the most common mistakes so that you don't do it! I was amazed at how simple this very complicated jigsaw puzzle turned out to be!

 And really, with a name like KD Frames who can blame them? They are bound for greatness.
 I get the main support or skeleton done, really this was the hardest part and took the longest to put together. Once the frame was done I did not really even need the instructions to do the rest. It was pretty simple to put together.
 Kun Kun trying out the wooden slate . He just could not wait.
 The Finished Product! I do enjoy having a Futon frame because it is versatile, as it can change from bed form to sofa to lounge chair. It is also much easier to take apart when I decide to move it around.

However, I did have a couple things come to mind when putting it together. The instructions said "take Piece K-11r and attach to piece G-15l". This all made sense, and they even had a fancy diagram with very accurate pictures to show what piece they were talking about. BUT, it would have been nice if they had taken little stickers and labeled each piece because when you first look at it it's just a bunch of oddly cut and drilled long pieces of wood. This one thing would have made the assembly take about 20% less time.
Then if the instructions had mentioned I needed an electric drill I would have put the battery on the charger before I started to put it together.
Other then my little things to whine about the assembly process was a piece of cake... not the best cake... but I would be happy to get it again!
Next I just gotta get some more manly bedding. But you gotta work with what is clean at the time I guess. This futon is great for comfort, support, and it takes up very little space. I do like it very much. Get one!

ok, thanks for reading all! come back soon!  


  1. Like the futon frame & instructions in English-- BONUS!! Now I'm just curious about the sponge painted walls.

  2. I guess it better to get that shipped rather than buying it from those sales stores where the salesman shuts the door after you had walked in and never allows you to get out till you pay him cash

  3. Very nice! Its not often that you get directions that make sense in English either. Can't beat that! And even though the delivery guy woke you up, you got a new bed and just imagine all the sleep you can get on it!

  4. I agree with Merisa's comment about the walls. Does the entire room look like that?

  5. coolness. I've had the same bed for like 10 years...time for change I believe!

  6. @Merissa , T. Roger Thomas : yes, my room has rainbow sponge paint on it... but I did not make it that way. That is how I bought it. I got it at a discount though because of this reason.

    @ Mel: yeah! I sleep so much better now! it's crazy! and my back does not hurt nearly as much.

  7. @Meand my thinking cap: your are correct, I was in sales for a while. You really gotta push that sale, make people feel bad and awkward if they walk out with out making a purchase.

    @MRanthrope: change is good!

  8. To Hell with the bed.. that dog is CUTE!!! Is that a Bijon???

    Not really wishing the bed to Hell.. not really, but that is one cute pup!!