Monday, July 25, 2011

Avacado Sandwich

So I had lunch today! It was yummy! I'll tell you all about it!Only ingredients were avocado, basil, bread hot sauce, salt and pepper. I sliced up an avocado and layered it on one piece of bread. A FULL avocado, because that is how much I like it!  Only thing I wish I had was a tomato , would have been just the right thing. But I thought it was still very tasty!

 Then I took some of my fresh basil that I just got recently!Yummo! Trader Joe's is great for this! their basil is soooo good, and it does not taste like liquorish!
Then I took the leaves and made about 10 slices longways down them, just to make them easier to bite through.
Next I took one of the better salsa/hot sauces we had and put probably more then I should have on top.

 Next You just put the top piece of bread on, cut is diagonally , put it in a funny pose to take a picture, and then you can enjoy! yummy!

Some might say I'm a typical Californian, eating avocado like it is a staple in my diet. But I'm not a surfer, have not even been to the beach in almost a year and I don't know any movie stars!
But that's one of my favorite sandwiches! It's so creamy, and with just a hint of spicy. oh goodness!
OK! thanks for reading ever body! have a great day! and come back soon! 


  1. I love avocado sandwiches. We have a tree out back that makes these avocados that spread like BUTTER man, it literally just spreads onto the bread. But I wouldn't put hot sauce on it. A little bit of salt, maybe black pepper, other spices but not too much and maybe grind some lemon peel on it for that zesty taste and leave it at that. Amazing stuff.

  2. I dunno, could be good, never really had avacado by itself.

  3. Eh, I really don't like avocado, avoid it like the plague.

  4. i need to try this, I don't really eat avacado, but the spicy salsa has convinced me :p

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