Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Faces In Places

I know I'm a little behind on the times, but I have always seen these around, and never got to share them with others. So here is my FACES IN PLACES!

I was at Ross with my girlfriend and we passed through the bathroom stuff . I have always seen these things and thought they looked just like SUPER HAPPY faces. haha. But I never had a camera around when I looking at them! this time it was different. I got more then one of these things on record as being FACES IN PLACES! lol.

So the first one is just a brass looking one, probably my choice for a toothbrush holder, or at least of what they had in their selection.

Next was a funny one. Nice green with a jungle look to it. I might pick this to take up residence in my home, but probably not.

 Then lastly, my favorite, one with an alien  happy face. This one made me smile and actually take the time to take the pictures for my wonderful readers! lol. This last toothbrush holder is a lovely blue, but still , looks like something I could make in my Ceramics class in college. But not too bad. But still, the three eyes is funny.

OK, thanks for reading everybody! I hope the faces in places made you smile. I know they always get me!

Come back soon for more of my silly life as it happens!


  1. That alien is so not happy. It's sucking my soul out through it's mouth.

  2. The faces... everywhere... watching me...

  3. I love to see those around, they always make me laugh. :D
    Following and supporting, mate! :)

  4. I would have bought that first one

  5. Last one looks more like a paw print to me.

  6. the smiley face made laugh, yeah the lack of digital display is a bad point, but the cuteness makes up for it plus it was gift tehe :p

  7. uuuuuhhhh its scary....did you finish Mistborn????

    1. yes, I finished mistborn! great book series!