Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In need of Dessert

I was wandering around the grocery store just a bit ago, when I decided I needed a bit of a pick me up! Now , I am not one to go to the beer and wine isle when I'm feeling a bit down from the old nose to the grind stone routine, instead I went to the frozen desserts isle.

My dinner was already planned out, and cooking in the pressure cooker, I was just killing the 1.5 hour time it took to make a rump roast. In my travels of the grocery store isles I came across various tasty treats of my childhood . Feeling a bit nostalgic I decided to snap a few pics before I made my decision on what to get.

 My personal favorite growing up was the Choco Taco!

This yummy semi Mexican frozen waffeled chocolaty ice cream treat always was in my top 3 picks when the ice cream man drove around in his little truck. The only thing that kept me from getting it every time was the price. My usual pick was 1 full dollar, whereas this one was about $1.50 . Now, that 50 cents was not a huge jump in price by the standards of today, but 10-13 years ago that could make or break a little kid. So I saved this one for special occasions. Maybe that is why it was and has remained my favorite choice of frozen treats? How excited I was when Taco Bell started selling these things about 4 years ago, however they have stopped and I'm not sure why, but that is one less way for me to get them.
 The next thing I came across in my jaunt down memory lane at the local grocery store was the drumstick.

This was always my mothers number one choice when it came to ice cream truck goodness. I would usually pick this one because It was more reasonably priced, also because a few of my friends thought it was the best choice, so I was persuaded through their decisions . When I was a child however the variety of Drumsticks did not exist as it does today. There was only one choice if you wanted a drumstick, the vanilla scoop covered in chocolate and peanuts. The decision to get a caramel center or chocolate ice cream did not exist, it was the original or nothing and I was happy with this. Now that I have either just recently developed a peanut allergy, or have just discovered that it is peanuts that sets it off  I will probably not be eating these but once every few years.
 Have you ever wanted something sweet and cold, but did not want chocolate? I know, it is an odd sensation, and a rather uncommon one at that. However there are times I want some ice cream and do not want chocolate. That is where this thing comes into play. It's basically slow churned frozen Coolaid , but these things are not only tasty, but they are also patriotic! Woot Woot! Go USA! haha.

One of the many joys of ice cream is getting to read the lame joke on the stick when your done. You know those lame jokes like "why did the man throw his watch?  Because He wanted to see time fly!" and if you are 6 years old you go LOL. These frozen flavor rockets came on a joke popsicle stick and was probably half the reason why I would buy them.

Needless to say, I went home that night with the Choco Taco's and had myself a delicious dinner.
So get out there and eat some of your favorite childhood treats. Indulge yourself in nostalgic yummyness, and come back soon!


  1. Give me one of those Choco Tacos please!
    I don't really ever eat any desserts. :(

  2. Choco Tacos' sound cool...

  3. my grandma still stocks choco tacos at her house for when us grandkids come over. she's awesome

  4. I like a good ice cream sandwich with two chocolate chip cookies and vanilla inside.

  5. Would love to try them, will have to try something similar.....

  6. Chocolaty taco-y goodness mmmmmmm

  7. OMG drumstick!
    Sugar levels are getting low...
    Also following!

  8. OMG you guys have amazing desserts over there, I want a Firecracker . . . Real Bad :)

  9. LOVE the choco tacos. Although they really do feel like a parody food haha.

  10. I've never heard of the choco taco, but it looks pretty good. I don't like Drumsticks because nuts make me sick. I've had popsicles, of course, but why are those called firecrackers? Do they explode inside you and give you the runs?

    Janie Junebug

  11. I don't remember having chocolate tacos over her but we definitely had firecrackers. Only we called them rockets.

  12. i want to try those choclate tacos so badly! I havent even tried a normal taco D:

  13. How did I miss this??? Choco Tacos are THE BOMB!