Friday, July 27, 2012

No peel hard boiled eggs.

Have you ever wondered why hard boiled eggs just seem like view are missing something? I have too, and i finally found out what it is. You have to crack them open and peel them, what a hassle! It almost makes it not worth the effort.

But now there is a solution. Have you ever been peeling your egg and the shell slips under your finger nail and stabs your nail bed? Well this product Will keep your fingers in ship shape!

Just crack the egg into the fancy egg shaped cooking container and apply your protein denaturing heat to get your meal!

That is right, from now on you do not have to worry about suffering through bamboo shoots under the finger nail style torture just to enjoy your boiled goodness.

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  1. I detest hard-boiled eggs, but thanks for the good idea.


  2. The lowly hard boiled egg has not proved to a problem for me yet.

  3. The hard boiled eggs often difficult to peel ! Whenever i want to peel the shell not slips easily !

  4. I hate when the shell sticks to the egg sooo annoying!!

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