Sunday, December 25, 2011

win 7 Security 2012 *Happy Christmas*

First off, Merry Christmas all!

So, this is a very short story of how to get your computer to be dead.

I'm at home just getting ready to live my life, the GF shows up and wants to use the computer to check email and facebook using my computer. I say fine, needing to shower anyway, the computer will keep her busy while I am gone. Finish in the shower, come back and look over her shoulder. To my surpirse a security warning pops up, me thinking its just another Java update tell her to close it. Then it pops up again and I realize it's a virus! I get rather unhappy and try a few things to fix the problem, however non work. and now I am on my lame old laptop that will barley play movies.

The object of this story is not to say that your girlfriend should not use your computer, it is that she should use the lame old laptop. Just in case she does not understand that the internet is a big place full of things that want your credit card info! haha. So that is why I have not been posting anything! But I will put my full efforts into fixing my main computer soon enough.

Yup, my computer has a virus called win 7 security 2012 . no fun. it's a fake security program that mucks up your computer and tells you they can fix it for a price. It's like having some guy barge into your home, break a few things, then offer to glue them back together if you pay him. LAME!

Below is a pic of what the thing looks like when it infects your compy. hope you guys don't get it! and if you do hope you get rid of it fast!

Win 7 Security 2012 screen shot
win7security2012 (Pic from bleepingcomputer)


  1. I got a virus once. It was hideous. It squealed at me like a pig. I hope you and your laptop recover and please, forgive the GF.


  2. I know. this is a pain. You need to change everything registry,startup and all.