Friday, December 30, 2011

PG&E made my morning fun.

Hello All! And welcome to my thought process;

So I wake up late and miss my morning radio show . Normally i wake up for a couple hours and just lay in bed half asleep listening to the show. But today was different. I had no memory of the show even being on . I went though the list of possibilities : was my radio set for pm instead of am ? Was it unplugged? Was it broken! after looking at it for a little I decided it was not broken, but the power was out. Did I blow a fuse? Forget to pay the power bill? Was there an accident that knocked out the power? Then I get out my battery powdered radio and turn it onto local news and nothing comes up. Then I decide it was me not paying the bill. But then I realize it was the middle of the month,the bill is not due for another two weeks. My next actions involved me being out of bed, dressed and wandering the house looking for a cause. At this point I'm starting to want coffee and some eggs and bacon. I go downstairs and turn on the stove and then utter some harsh language under my breath (dang it ) when I remember that  the stove requires power. Then I go over the various ways there are to cook eggs in my head and just as I am about to get out twelve candles to put under my frying pan when I recall that my sister gave me a turkey fryer that runs off propane!

All my camping knowledge comes back to me like a flood! I whip out that frying pan, my lighter, a stick of butter seasoning and the eggs and I have breakfast cooking in no time!  So sad though, no bacon! oh well, maybe next time.
PG&E made me do it!
 This thing was great! It's original purpose is to fry turkeys on, however I am glad I kept it beyond the time I thought I would need it.
There will be fire even if PG&E does not provide the fuel!
 The only problem was that the lowest setting was close to the highest setting on my stove, and that is HOT!

PG&E Can't make me go hungry!

The end result was much better then I was even hoping for! I then boiled some water and made some coffee, I even made some toast and had a little egg sandwich.

The only thing that really gave me trouble was showering in the dark. That was tough, but luckily it was close to Christmas, and my mother likes to celebrate more then one religion , so we had the menorah out. That made showering much easier.
OK! Thanks for reading everybody!

Come back again soon! I should have another couple posts up soon!


  1. Was your shower cold? Did it cause shrinkage? Or do you have a gas water heater?


  2. With that breakfast, you're my hero!

  3. @LoLA : shower was not cold, I have a Gas heater, lucky me!
    @T.Roger : yes, I do not understand how the english language works some of the time.

  4. I'm glad you figured out how to procure some food without power! I hope stuff didn't spoil from the fridge being out...