Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How do i feel? lets decide that in a bit. not now.

My day was rather fascinating. It started, as is usual in the past month, with me waking up to the construction going on next door. The fellows doing all the banging seem to not be making much progress, unless their actual plan is to wake me up to the sound of buzz saws. As my mind is now fully awake, and sleep has made a clean escape till the wee hours of this day, I then make my way to my computer, where I then proceed to download my daily morning talk show, and the weekend garden shows that seem to be run by old folk who don't have the podcast as a number one priority. Once my podcasts are in their rightful place on my mp3 player I then can shower and go about my morning habits.

Now that a good portion of the morning is behind me, I venture down the stairs to confront my father, who while asleep still manages to have the TV tuned to smooth jazz. My father, startled as he was by the dog bumping his chair while running to see me, says hello. I respond as a normal person would and say hello in return as i walk past him to the kitchen. On my journey to the kitchen my mind is going over the many options open to me for lunch. I then realize the asparagus in the fridge is just begging to be eaten, and tell my father I will prepare a meal. He agrees and supports my proclamation, with the addition of sausage and eggs. Our session ends with a unanimous decision that the meal will be prepared by me, and will consist of a mix of breakfast and lunch foods.

In the kitchen I gather the needed ingredients for said meal, and progress through the motions of cracking and lightly whipping eggs, prepping the tiny convection counter top oven my grandfather forced upon me, and opening the new pack of what I thought were sausages. To my great discontent I find the sausages to be not sausages at all, but precooked hot dogs, but the fancy kind, in fact ALMOST a bratwurst. The asparagus, after being shortened to get rid of the super tough cellulose layer, was placed in the oven with the hot dogs, and lightly showered with salt and pepper and last minute decision to put some sourdough bread in the toaster was earmarked into the bill.
The meal was more then satisfactory, in fact it was more then filling, and tasty to boot! The best part of the deal was that I did not have to do the dishes. That Tasty Asparagus, Oven Roasted with salt/pepper

However all was not fun and games today. My exciting time in the kitchen was at an end with only an allotted amount of time large enough to allow for preparation for work. Once this time slot had expired, I ventured out into the wild out doors and rescued my automobiles motor from seizing up from disuse. On my sojourn to work i listen to my podcast (, and arrive only but two minutes late, despite the road work being done.

Work is nothing special. It's slow because it's Monday, and there are two people Manning the shop. After procuring all the product we will need for the rest of the day, I proceed to take inventory, and do the general paperwork the my boss usually does, but while she is in LA I get to do. Running the shop is not as bad as I make it out to be, however it's still fun to complain. At lunch I decide to try out McDonalds, as I have not eaten there in the past 3 months, so it would be a fun change of pace. I decide that my body weight is above the threshold of skinny, so I venture to get a salad and then splurge and tack on a McDouble. For the grand total of 6.61$ I decide I made a good choice. What do you think?

I finish work, go home, talk to my father again, and here I am. Basically my day in a Flakey Nutshell!
Overall My mood: Good, happy.
Thx Yall for reading my lengthy representation of my day!

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