Thursday, April 7, 2011

When It all ends, the world will still be here, just not you.

"It isn't that I'm sorry I killed them; it's that I'm sorry I killed them badly. "

-Frank Falenczyk 

Homework. oh the homework. and the doing of it.

I'm at home, minding my own business, doing my business, homework, when all of a sudden my computer turns off. Now, I am rather used to this. It's not that uncommon. In fact, I realized I had not dusted out my computer this month yet.

There I am, thinking my computer had just over heated and I have put it one step closer the grave, before its time. Then while thinking to myself how sad I am that my compy will not last as long because no matter how fast the computer turns itself off due to overheating, it still has a bit of damage. Much like hitting your head on the shelf on your desk, or your car hood, or on the bottom of the pool while diving, if it did not give you sever brain damage, you still lost some brain cells. I then realize that my 15 seconds of self pity, loathing, and mild agitation at loosing my place with my homework, might not be due to my computer overheating. In fact that annoying little speaker was not going "BEEEE WOOOHH BEEEE WOOOHH" as it does when my compy overheats, also, there are usually other warning signs. But just to be safe, I unplug my computer and rush it to an open place, and got my foot powered air pump, and blew out the 1/4'' layer of dust .

Right about that time my father hears me making some strange thumping and whooshing noises and investigates. He, thinking the  strange noise was the construction, specifically an air powered staple gun, going on next door, was the cause. However he finds that it's me, and then asks if I have power in my room. I then realize how dumb I was to not consider the alternative to my own neglect.  With the knowledge that the power is off, I finish my computer, eat a banana, talk with my father about how Comcast is full of ninny heads, and wait for my homework machine to come back to life.

Now to Play MineCraft for a bit, and go to ComNwt.



  1. Most amazing story EVER! I especially liked the part about ninny-heads. And you play Minecraft too? I don't play it yet, but I've seen it played and it looks amazing. Did you buy it? and if so, from where and for how much?