Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Day

Started well enough. I decided to wake up when my dog was barking at the construction next door. I then proceeded to bathroom, make breakfast of pancakes eggs over easy and coffee. yum. I then watched Anger Managment, and went to work . I then realized i was an hour late, due to my boss schedueling me an hour earlier then i usually show up, however i did get to leave an hour earlier, which plays into this night. My being late was not loathsome, in fact my boss was on the verge of texting me to come at my normal time due to the low customer volume. After a days work and some tasty Carnitas for lunch, I leave work on schedueled time despite the offer to stay an extra hour to help close and gain back my forfeited hour . I then arrive at my sisters house where the small assembled group conversates, watches RED, and eats home made icecream. My day in a crusty nutshell.

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