Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Breadman Cake

I know, I have made a cake for your viewing pleasure back in " This " post but this time it is different because I have a fancy new machine to do all the work that I would have to slave over for minutes! That is correct, this new machine, the "Breadman" ,  saves me more then 5 minutes of stirring, and mixing . I know most of you laugh at saving 5 minutes of mix time, I do too. The real thing I am happy about is the lack of clean up, all you do is stick all the cake ingredients into the mixing/baking container and push start. No bowls or rubber spatulas or wooden spoons to clean up, no mess, just easy cake!
Speaking of easy cake, I went with a cake mix again, it does not get easier then adding 3 different ingredients , mixing and baking.
 So I gathered all the stuff That I needed, and even showed you guys it all measured out, but I added some PAM and vanilla. Also I used Safflower Oil and I am not really sure how that will do for taste, but should be fine.
Then you stick it all into this fancy little mixing and baking pan thingy that goes into the bread machine.

In fact it was so simple to do I made a video of how to do it in less then 3 mins.

Come back soon to find out how the cake turned out.

 This is about the same model breadmachine that I am using. Russell Hobbs makes a good bread machine.


  1. I made a cake once in my bread machine, but I followed the instructions to make it from scratch instead of using a mix. It sucked. It was dry and sad and it fell apart and cried all over my kitchen counters. My bread machine did not come with instructions for using a cake mix. But it does have instructions for making jam, which I am highly tempted to try. We could put jam on your cake.


  2. That cake was YUMMMIE. Next time make it with applesauce from the Booboo Bin.
    I really want you to make some Jam! YUM!!!