Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fenton's date night!

This is really me bragging more then anything, but on Friday I went out with my GF to Fenton's Creamery! Some of the best icecream around! In fact the place is so good it was featured in the 2009 movie UP produced by Pixar. . That is the Link to the Wiki on Fentons... It's a bit lacking but it tells a few interesting facts about the place. Anyway, this is what I got! It's a 2 Scoop personalized sundae. You get to choose 2 flavors ice cream and 1 topping of your choice. I chose Chocolate Marble and Roasted Almond and boy howdy was it good!

The thing was so big I could not finish it. Our server was kind enough to bring me a fancy little togo box to plop the remainder of my ice cream into. It was big enough that I only got about half way through and filled the togo container to the brim!

So next time you want some super tasty ice cream go to Fentons! Especially on a hot day Like I have been getting to enjoy.

KK, thanks everybody for reading! come back again soon!


  1. Wow. I could die for that ice cream right now. And how cool that Pixar used it as inspiration!!

  2. I'd love that sundae. I really would.

    Boy howdy is now my word of the night btw. Potentially week.

  3. That looks like a delicious treat!

  4. Oh man that looks like heaven.

  5. id love to absorb this :D
    looks nice!

  6. I do like some good ice cream. But, FUUUU, thanks for making me remember UP, I still haven't made past that first part. I dunno why, it just destroys me and I cannot watch the rest of the movie.

  7. As soon as CA gets that high speed train I'm there.

  8. Even ice cream couldn't keep Up from being dangerously sad