Monday, April 11, 2011

Breakfast and stuffz

Want to know all about what I had for breakfast? OK! Then I'll tell you. Your so strange for wanting to know, but that's OK. So , When I got up this morning I thought that I would make a small ordeal out of breakfast. So I went into the kitchen and took a small metal inventory of the current food residing in the refrigerator . After deciding I need to go shopping I came to the conclusion I will make a meal based around eggs. I consulted my father on the topic at hand, and he decided eggs would make a great base for a meal. Now with renewed vigor, I set out to accomplish the task before me!

I started by sauteing some onion, and added salt and pepper to it. I then moved to my eggs, after cracking and mixing with a fork, I added about 1/5 cup milk and two Taco Bell "Fire" hot sauce packets. Yummy!
Once the onion was ready I got my I had the fancy idea of adding bacon to the meal, and threw some on the cook top. Once it was nice and crispy  (because nobody likes chewy bacon!) I poured a little of the rendered fat into the onion saute and set the bacon on paper towel to drain.

With my bacon done, and my onion waiting I combined it with my eggs and cooked till just past moist. 
 I then realized I needed something green to compliment my yellow and brownish. What better to add then an avocado! I went to slicing and spooning and this is what came out of my effort!
 I like to think that I am a fancy chef , at least when it comes to slicing my avocado. I take it very seriously!

And here is my finished product. Eggs , Bacon , Avocado! A great meal, But I realized there was something missing , as you can see there is almost a fourth of my plate left open. I made some tasty toast. MMM... Bread.

Another thing. I have found that empty soda cans are quite useful for various things. Such as storing your Bacon Grease!
Thanks for reading!


  1. I like to take my bacon fat cans and make a smoke bomb out of it.

  2. Oh my gosh. Bacon, eggs and avacado? What's not to love?

    What do you save your bacon fat for? I always just throw mine out...

  3. fuck, that looks delicious. keep it coming!

  4. Damn, that sounds really good right now...

  5. Thas's tomorrows breakfast sorted, thanks for the great idea, the avacado is inspired.

  6. Bacon grease is great for going SSJ for halloween :p

  7. thats a weird mix for me but i wanna try it and also u asked about if the clothes in the lolitas of leeds post were hand hade made, my skirt and scarf was but im not sure about the other girls i think theirs were mainly bought :)