Monday, June 25, 2012

Mud makes noise.

Poking around school between classes, I had decided to eat my lunch. While stuffing a granola bar into my face i hear a strange noise.
I look around, and it happens again. Then i finally find the source of the noise.

Above my head in the corner of the ceiling is a spot of mud. Now this confused me, why would mud be making noise, so i got a closer look.
much to my surprise i find it is actually a birds nest.

The birds look to me like adult birds but are still calling out to the parents to feed them . It was a fun sight . Then to make it a bit more funny a couple of the birds jumped out of the nest and flew around then went back to the nest and called for more food .

I then realized that the birds were probably just about to leave the nest, and make their own way. And i was correct because i came back just yesterday and found it empty.

That is the extent of fun at school for me!

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  1. your weird, wandering around your campus looking at the ceiling. most people look infront of them, not up when walking!