Friday, February 3, 2012

Groundhog day

Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil. (

So sorry to tell you kind folks, but the groundhog saw his shadow yesterday (02/02/2012) and we will now have to suffer through 6 more weeks of winter. This of course according to the REAL groundhog that was showcased in the Washington Post
If you clicked that link then you know that the little town of Punxsutawney, Pa ( yeah, try to teach your child how to spell that, let alone say it) is home to the groundhog named Phil. Phil seems to be a local celebrity around there, and for good reason too. If you look at his track record on predictions most sources will say he is correct at least 80% of the time , and that is better then a coin flip!

If your biggest fear during winter is slipping on icy, snow covered steps on the way up to your home, then the extra 6 weeks of winter predicted by the groundhog will surly put you in a dour mood. Fear not I say, because boy howdy do I have a cure for you and your icy steps. I have recently come across a review by Consumer Reports on a product called Heat Trak .

Heat Trak is a special little pad that you simply place on your steps leading to wherever you want, like your home, and plug that baby in, and your steps will be snow and ice free all winter! Now I know what your thinking, what if it gets wet, wont it stop working? I say no! These things are insulated and will resist even heavy rain, as well as being made of non slip rubber it will stop you from slipping on wet steps.

Best of all these things are affordable to run. According to the Consumer Reports claim check the HeatTrak uses about 3.5 cents per hour per pad. Now a simple calculation will tell you about how much this will cost you for 90 days of your steps being warmed
There are a total 2,160 hours in 90 days and at a cost of 3.5 Cents per min.
 2,160*3.5= $75.60 . Now that is a good cost.
Now compare $75.60 to how much you would pay in medical fees for your whole family slipping down the stairs multiple times a week, which would cost around 6 million dollars in medical bills for broken bones, and body casts. So this simple little outside heater will save you millions of dollars in just one winter!

Ok guys! thanks for reading! come back again soon!


  1. That pesky groundhog... always driving those heating bills up!

    Yet another reason I love living in LA, doesn't matter what that rodent sees, the weather will carry on its normal route.

  2. I read news about weather reporter giving recipe for woodchunk stew.

  3. I don't think I have much to worry about in terms of weather as long as San Diego is the city I call home.

    The heating pad thing would be pretty cool if I was living in a snowy city.

  4. obama should make medical insurance but every family one of these

  5. can you find me a foods on your site I'm too lazy to look on amazon

  6. To answer your question on my blog: Yes pretty much. If you win by 1 vote in a state you get all the electoral votes or so it says anyway. The electoral college needs to be abolished. A popular vote would be simpler. Everyone says "oh Adam why vote Obama if he's going to lose SC anyway?" I'm might live in a red state, but we can make it at least light pink if we were all motivated to vote.

    It also has something to do with the "states rights" argument, but honestly that's stupid. Everyone's vote should count.

  7. Move to Florida with me and you'll never see snow again. Besides, the arrival of spring doesn't guarantee the end of snow and ice. We had heavy snowstorms in Maryland more than once during the early part of spring.

    Janie Junebug

    Adam, I think the electoral college is outdated. It's time to get rid of it so every vote matters. I hate it when I vote and I know it won't make any difference. Is that avatar a photo of you? Cuz if it is this granny thinks you're cute.

    1. yeah the photo is of me lol. Thanks Janie

  8. I don't worry about it. Hurrah for year long sun! :D

  9. nice tip on the heated's just started snowing here so this might come in handy

  10. That, is brilliant and would make a great gift for an older person.