Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lets Eat some Roast beef

Once again I forgot my lunch at school. This time I was much more hungry then usual. I suppose it was because I woke up 5 mins before I was supposed to be on the road. So needless to say I need to take a shower tonight... but thats gross. So, lets see what I did after my 3 hour math class.

I remembered that I have to eat once my math class was over. I was rather out of sorts because about the same time everyday I go to my little spot on campus and have myself a PB&J sandwich and whatever else I can find lying around the house (though, usually I take food items, not just what ever is lying around) So, I check my wallet, and decide the numbers on the paper inside my wallet add up to a high enough number to purchase a meal! So who can guess what I got?\

That is right! I had a Kinders Roast Beef and Cheddar sandwich on their super tasty Dutch Crunch bread, ANOTHER bag of those super tasty chips I already told you about, and because I wanted to be healthy some V-8. It was the best! I have not had a Kinders sandwich in months! I remember when I was first introduced to these fancy things. My first one was a Ribeye sandwich. Their classic hot sandwich. I'm pretty sure it is their number one seller. So good, and with loads of their bbq sauce.
But anyway, my sandwich , though it was premade and sat in the student store for probably 5 hours was delicious. It was , as I mentioned, the Dutch Crunch roll, which is a classic white roll with some kind of... cheese? or something super tasty baked onto the top of the bread. It's oh so yummy , and has just the right abount of chew to it.

On the inside is just enough Mayo to have a thin layer on both pieces of the bread with mustard spread enough to make the sandwich moist but not soggy. The meat must have been sliced that day it was so good, and the cheese was pungent with a strong but not over powering flavor! Their tomatoes were just the right ripness and not squishy, and the only thing I could say to add would be more lettuce... hehe. love lettuce.

Overall my lunch was a grand sucess. Had an exceptional sandwich , some super tasty chips and my 3 veggie per serving V-8 juice!
KK, thanks for the readz all! come back soon to see more of my life via pictures!


  1. That sandwich looks good, my campus has garbage for food.

  2. I'm fricken drooling. I love a good roast beef sandwich. I think I'm gonna have to get one today.

  3. I need to not read this until after lunch... now i am hungry and its only 8 am

  4. Frankly.. doesn't look all that amazing but, if I were hungry, damn straight I'd eat it.

  5. wow that looks so good, i'm starving!

  6. Now you've made me hungry! Have to go fix some snack for myself

  7. Yum!! Looks good! Jealous me...I am ravenous right now!