Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Losing at lunch

So blogger is not letting me upload pictures to my blog. So I'll just have to put into words what my pictures would say. Now I know that a picture is worth a thousand words... but I'll have to cut it short. My time if finite , and my fingers do have boundries set by friction on the keyboard. However, this post I will update if at a later time today blogger allows me to upload my pictures.

As was normal for me now, I went to school today and found myself hungry. I have in the past brough my lunch, which turns out great because I dont have to pay 6 dollars a day to eat, but I had forgotten to grab it from the fridge. So I'm at school, hungry, between classes, so I do what must be done. I go to the near by convience store and get me some tasty chips and a bottled water.
These chips were new, and I was a little off put by them at first. The package has on the front in BIG BOLD letters  at the very top "FOOD SHOULD TASTE GOOD" . This is either a good sign or a HORRIBLE sign because they are either saying our food tastes good, or they are aknoledging the fact that they dont make a good product. At least they are being honest in either case. Also that is the name of the brand? weird


So I look over the package of Jalapeno Tortilla chips and I find they have a whole bunch of those new age symbols and sayings that basically say "we are all natural/organic ect". It has everything listed; "certified Vegan" , "Certified Gluten Free" , "All Natural" , "cholesterol Free" , "Good Source of Fiber" , "No Trans Fats" , "No MSG " , " Not GMO (Genetically Modified)" ,  "Certified Kosher" , and lastly "No Artificial Colors ,Flavors or Preservatives" .  My mind is going Crazy, why in the world would they need ALLL of those symbols? Is the world around me really that bad? Are there really that many things that threaten my way of life, or my health?
Then I look at the Nutrition label and notice the Fiber Content , 5Grams, or 20% of your daily value. Just then I'm thinking, oh no, I wasted my 0.99 cents on this bag of chips. Despite all the fancy labels and promises that it will taste good, it wont.... just look at the fiber content. Anything with that much Fiber can not be good.
Then I pop open the bag, and smell, it was great. It smelled really good. Like I had just sat down at the table in a Mexican food place, and they put the chips and salsa right in front of me.  So initially it was good. I liked the smell. Then I looked at the chips. They were red... with flakes of green and tiny orange pieces on them. Not the best looking chips, but If the green flakes had been bigger I would have claimed they were Christmas chips. But all looks aside When I took that first bite it filled my mouth with crunchy goodness. Then I inhaled and got a huge wiff of those aeromatic spices and herbs. Then the spice hits me. It was not an overwhelming burn, a fire out of control, but instead a controled burn. A heat that aids in the flavor and does not cover it up.  It was much more then I was expecting .
If I were to compare it to a classic Dorito It would win. The Dorito hits you in the mouth fast and hard, but its over four seconds after the chip hits your mouth, with almost no aeromatics to speak of. These chips had a slower, but stronger and growing flavor as you ate them. I would reccomend them to anyboy who has tried all those other "healthy" chips out there and thought they were bland and flavorless.

Then to end my lunch time break between classes I though I would try to get rich quick by buying a couple of two dollar scratcher. Much to my surprise I did not get rich. In fact I spent Four dollars on 1 minute of entertainment . But least it gave me one minute to think about what I would buy when I uncoved the WINNER symbol on that lottery scratcher.

That was the most exciting part of my day, tune in soon to see If I can upload pictures as proof of my story! k, thanks for the reads all!


  1. There's a lot of crappy "all healthy" products out there, but there's a lot of good ones like those chips. And yeah, there's a lot more of these things that are technically bad for your health NOW that weren't as bad before. This is coming from someone who eats the stuff anyway, no vegan, no vegetarian, occasionally eats fast food "normal person" that wishes he could find the cheaper , tasty, healthier foods. Like your chips!

  2. Yea most of those "certifications" are crap. Don't trust them.

  3. Eat carrot sticks instead of chips? Also, I hate it when blogger starts giving crap.