Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Depression can be beat by ducks!

So today I go to school and its just a normal overcast June 28th day in California. You know, it's supposed to always be surfing weather, nice warm and you can wear sandals all year round? Well... that is all a load or horse pucky! Today it was raining! raining in late June almost July! Crazy sauce. But that does not stop my normal activities , though I did need to go back home to get a jacket because it was cold!

Weather for Walnut Creek, CA

57°F | °C Tue Wed Thu Fri
Shower Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Sunny
Wind: SW at 8 mph
Humidity: 94% 66°F 54°F 73°F 52°F 81°F 55°F 86°F 57°F

Alas school was not cancelled due to rain, much to my dismay. However I did still manage to eat a healthy summer time type lunch! Had a whole carton of blueberries, and Gala apple a Haas avocado, and a plumb... not sure the brand. But it was tasty!

Must say, the best part of the rain in this strange time of the year was getting to see the ducks! They were loving it! I was just sitting under the overhand eating my lunch when this flock of ducks come marching up. I'm a little surprised at first at their number but just sit back and watch them.
 I did not get a picture of it, but one of the ducks found a snail that was escaping the rain and ate it out of its shell. It was a funny sight. I had no idea that ducks ate snails. Maybe I should get one for my garden. It would eat all those pesky slimy creepy crawly things. haha.
They soon grew tired of me staring at them and waddled off. That was one of the more interesting things that happened to me today. Ducks are funny. I could sit at a pond for hours simply watching them do their thing . Though it would be fun to have a loaf of bread or crackers with me.

OK everybody ! Come back soon, I'll have another one of my exciting adventures for you!


  1. I like to call it "Juneuary". I am glad the ducks helped your rainy day!

  2. Are storms really that fascinating in Cali that school would potentially be cancelled? It will rain for like a week straight here... Must be nice.

  3. Well, it's sunny here, with showers every 12 hours... but sunny!

  4. Had the same thought as pirate, my school doesn't get canceled unless there's a blizzard.

  5. A duck just caused a massive car pile up here a few days ago. Some ducks cause depression too

  6. Very nice lunch, also love the ducks, too bad school was not cancelled :(

    You can visit my NEW blog here.

  7. I've found that a daily slump can be overcome by lots of Turkish tea, but that's just me :)

  8. Ducks are great, the waddling always makes me smile.