Sunday, May 8, 2011

Should I really start my own hive?

I am seriously considering starting my own bee hive. My biggest problem is going to be the city zoning and ordinances i suppose.

This process looks really quite simple to do. all you do is prepare your hive. set up your box. spray the bees with sugar water to make them drunk and fat so they are more docile. Then break open the box put them in, then tack the queen bee to the inside of the hive.
I have seen many videos where the people used all premade materials and basically set it all up from a kit. This guy  seems to have just made his hive from a bunch of wood and planks. I have not actually made a hive myself, but I think for the first time I would go with the kit. Seems like it would be much easier.

This is a video of some guys who used a "kit" to set up their hive. They are not as knowledgeable on the topic of bees. but they do a good job from what I can tell.

So should I start a bee hive in my sister and brother in laws back yard? I think they would like it.


  1. we all reach a point in our lives when we want to settle down and start a hive

  2. Yeah go for it. Good post.

  3. I know people who have set up hives before. Some people complain about the bees, but they really don't cause to much of a problem and generally are not interested in stinging people. I think it's a great idea, and they pollinate, so if you have a garden nearby, they are great to have.

  4. consider the honey you will get!!!

  5. Unless your backyard is multiple acres big you're asking for a lawsuit as soon as little Jimmy or little Sara next door gets stung.

  6. Yeah, I would think about the neighbors...