Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Some may call this trash, I call them treasures"

I take my small white miniature poodle out for walks around my home, and along these journeys we come across many fun things to look at. I have found a bee hive , unexplained broken trees and more then my fair share of other silly things that I could not get my camera out fast enough for, but now I will show you all the fancy things that have been popping up around my housing area. I shall be Showcasing Rubbish  :
Exhibit 1: The Broken wooden printer table stand thingy:

 I came across this thing just laying propped up against this poor helpless tree. I guess it was used as a rolling surface to hold a printer or something along those lines, and for whatever reason now it has been dismissed from use and left here.
This tree is in a patch of grass kinda out of the way not really near any foot traffic, so it seems like a good secluded place to dump stuff, and some one took advantage of this.
My doggy seemed to think it out of place as well, giving it a sniff, I stopped him before he could lift his leg to claim it as his own, cause what if somebody just forgot it?

Exhibit 2: Abandoned Entertainment Center

 Why somebody would throw this thing away I can not understand. I mean it was in great condition, maybe a tad dusty, and some dirt from being outside, but otherwise it was great. The glass was not broken, and the finish only had 1 scratch, the doors worked just fine.
 Even from the back this thing was in great shape, but never the less it was left on the street corner
This thing was in such good shape I was considering taking these pictures and posting it on craigslist for like 20$ then just standing there when they show up and collecting the money. haha

Golly Gee, what else could possible pop up? To find out come back soon!


  1. I would definitely sell it. It doesn't look bad at all. In my area, people put out their give-away stuff the night before trash pick-up. That way the I like trashy stuff people can come around and take what they like.


  2. And the dog is cute, but I would let him pee on the broken-down thing. No one is returning for that.

    More love,
    Janie Junebug

  3. awh cute dog :3 and thats some strange stuff you find!

  4. maybe they were in a hurry and didn't have time to sell? But yeah I agree, crazy not to try get SOMETHING for that stuff.

  5. ooohhh no you did not just show pics of all the garbage the evil trashy people are leaving around our hood....its official we live in a ghetto now.

  6. nice dog, it's amazing the stuff people throw out but I like your idea of posting it on craigslist lol

  7. I agree that entertainment center does look too fancy for being left on the street.