Saturday, May 7, 2011

Beez and how they hive

Of all the strange things I have been considering, bee keeping is probably the most fun that I have considered. Bee keeping is an interesting topic. There are multiple uses for owning your own bees, other then just home grown honey. Bee Keeping is very relaxing as well. It's a great hobby for spending those hours you have all alone. Also, you might be able to make a small profit off your bees even if you have a single hive because bee wax is used in candles, soap and many other products.
 This book in particular I found to be interesting even though I only had enough time to flip through it. But the book has great illustrations and pictures. The pictures are high quality on glossy paper, which is very nice. I have read many bee keeping books that were all hand drawn or with poor or fuzzy pictures. As far as pictures go they are not the TOP selling point of a book. But when you only have a small amount of time to flip through the book it really helps. Words can only describe things so far. Even If you are a master word smith, and have much experience in writing you may still lose people from the length of your paragraph. Where as a picture can get a point across in just a glimpse and maybe a small caption.
 This will probably be my next purchase for this line of study. I do not know that I will have the time or especially that space to have a hive of my own. However It is a fun topic of discussion to bring up with friends.
 I'm just sad that I probably will not be able to wear my favorite flavor chapstick when I'm tending my hives (that I plan on getting some time when I purchase my own house)
As always! thx for the reads guys!
 and tune in next time to see what I plan on doing with my chapstick!


  1. Oh man, that chapstick's got me on the edge of my seat! I don't know how I'll contain myself :o

  2. I'd love to keep bees.


  3. If the Bees go then so do we lol. following.