Friday, January 20, 2012


I know it is a little late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!

On New Year's Eve I played with some small fireworks and stuff to start the year off right! I just found these pictures or else I would have done this post a  couple weeks ago. Better late then never I guess!
After a night of fun in front of the TV watching old but good movies, The Karate Kid, eating lots of party foods, and trying to keep quiet enough as to not wake your sleeping 2 year old nephew it is time to ignite the fun!

 Where I live you can not buy anything that will shoot into the air, or make a very large boom. Mostly you can get things that make really loud noises, bright lights, or loud cracking noises, and usually it will not have more then one of these at a time. Living in California , this is my curse, good fireworks are not for sale.

But, with some practice, and by combining some of the lesser fireworks that you have you can get your pyrotechnic show to be more then what the lame people in government will allow you to legally buy. Although, this does remove the built in safety features of your ground flowers and stuff, it does make it more fun.

We started the night off with a few flashers, smoke bombs, sparklers, and a ground flower. But I soon grew bored of the very vanilla version of these things. So I tied the two fuses of a couple ground flower firecrackers to a flasher, and put them into the coke bottle. Needless to say they heated the bottle to the melting point, then the cold winter air cooled the glass faster then it would have liked and it it shattered.

 So, happy new year all! I hope you don't a digit ,extremity or home in your search for danger and fun with government approved explosives. Good luck, and have a great year melting your coke bottle with your sparkler that reaches a burning point of 1800 to 3000° F, or 1000 to 1600° C according to Wiki.


  1. Happy 2012! and that looks dangerous :p

  2. Experimenting with explosive fireworks is probably the best part of New Years haha.

  3. I am not sure whether it is legal for us to try that where I live. That coke bottle -scary. And you are a doc who is going to save lives in future

  4. That looks like fun. I went to bed on New Year's Eve. All alone. Where do you live in California? My hurricane child lives near San Francisco.

    Janie Junebug

  5. I'm impressed that you found what appears to be a glass Coke bottle.

  6. Bryan and I once lit a car on fire for New Years. Three times. Or was that the 4th of July? Cocktails and Molotov cocktails don't mix well.

  7. Fun know it had to be fun if you did that to a Coke bottle! Happy New Year!

  8. thats a pretty sick picture, sounds like a good time haha, ill be following