Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I went on vacation to Lake Tahoe

I've been gone for some time now. Went to lake Tahoe. it was loads of fun!  But my phone was dead the whole time, so I did not get too many pictures, however my friend had an actual camera, so I'll use those once he uploads them!

In the mean Time I'll tell you about my favorite Ice Cream!

YUM! I love Medival Madness its so good! It's something like vanilla with Carmel ribbons and malt balls. and something else .... it's sooo good!
I got a scoop of that yesterday and it was great, Thrifty has always done me good! It's also one of the few places around my house that still has a scoop shop in their store.  Guess Baskin Robins has dominated that market.

Alright, thanks for all the reads guys! have a fun time! I'll try to get back and post again soon for you all!