Sunday, January 22, 2017

Airborn! The cold buster?

If you have ever had the common cold then i can relate to you on a gutteral level. Going through all the symptoms like runny nose to sneezing and coughing to the aches and pains from your body telling you to stop moving to the light headed feeling.  I have experienced it all. No fun at all, in fact the only good part of being sick is getting to stay home and watch TV or  play video games all day but even that can be ruined and made to be a task instead of a treat by all the piles of symptoms. Although catching a cold might break the daily grind and monotony who really is willing to go through it all for a day or two off?

I say avoid it if you can, at all costs! Break out the hand sanitizer or better yet wash your hands so often that they become dry and cracked, but dont stop there, take all the weird tasting herbs and vitamins that are supposed to give your immune system a kick in the pants. When its all said and done you may or may not have stopped the illness in its tracks, or hopfully minimized the damage. But at what have you done to yourself to get there?  You had to eat those odd tasting echinacea pills or tea that seems to stick with you throughout the day and you popped some vitamin pills that might just leave your body in the same condition they entered.

Why take something that tastes like licking the drain in the floor of a Target restroom? Especially when you could have something that you know will be absorbed by your body because you watched it dissolve in front of your eyes and best of all it has Zinc, a clinically proven substance to stop the DNA replication in those nasty germs.

That is right! Take Airborn to knock that cold out! If the vitamin C does not stop the bug before it can grab hold of you then the zinc will halt its growth and thus shorten your misery.

Best of all I took the super complicated aspects of making a glass ofv the fizzy drink and put it in an easy to follow video.

If you follow along with this simple video tutorial I am sure you will have your own tasty glass of Airborn immune support supplement!  No longer will your paltry cullinary skills keep you down! By golly even a trained cat could do it!

My favorite flavor has got to be the Very Berry flavor. It is sweet but not too sweet,  and casts off nice aroma when all the fizzy goodness is released into the bubbly water.

Thanks for reading my oddly serious review of this cold and flu drink.

If you care to know more about how Zinc helps stop viruses then read below

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