Monday, February 6, 2012

Taking a CompSci (100)

Has anybody taken the most basic computer class out there?
was it any fun?
did you spend a butt load of money on a book you didnt read?
Was the book basically the whole class?
Did the teacher have questions from the book that they never even mentioned in class?
Did you ever read Understanding Computers --th Edition?
Pic taken from amazon book preview
 Copyright of the folks who wrote the book

Just wondering, also, your answers might sway me in my decision on getting my book:

As you can see this thing is not cheap (by my standards 65$ used is not cheap) and if I can either not buy this, or get an older edition that is like 15$ that would be great! So I will be looking into getting  this as the class goes on, so far she has not even mentioned the book.

and Actually, I found the 12th Edition for about 5 Dollars used, and If I can just use this version I think I will.


  1. Haven't taken anything like this before, sorry.

  2. What exactly are they teaching by the way? basic,Fortran,internet,msoffice?

  3. Fortran? That takes me back...I learn everything from Google

  4. I don't even remember having a book when I took a programming class. It was so long ago, I don't think books had been invented yet. I took the class at a community college near Seattle. Microsoft was a small company that was trying to grow.