Thursday, October 20, 2011

Anatomy Class is FUN

As those who follow me know I am currently taking an Anatomy class. At least we get to have fun with the class skeletons.

This entails me going to class, and learning about the human body. And no, there are not any naked ladies. . BUT! there are other cool things, like getting to dissect a REAL HUMAN BRAIN!

Right Frontal, Parietal ,Occipital and temporal lobes with cerebellum
 My teacher had us get our human brain halves and label "Pin" them. This means taking those orange things in the above picture and putting them into correct part of the brain that correspond to numbers on our work sheet.
The brain was kinda gross, and smelly, as all these dissections have been. But It was still very interesting to learn, and see what is inside my head!

This pic above is not that great, but it's the Brain stem near the gloved index finger. That is the part that turns into your spinal chord!

Then a close up of the middle of the brain. The hole you see is where Brain Fluid (Cerebral Spinal Fluid) flows. That stuff makes a one way trip around the brain giving all the nutrients and stuff it needs, then gets pumped into the blood.

KK! Thanks all for the reads! I'll try to keep you updated on how my anatomy class is going! so come back soon!  


  1. Awesome and it!

  2. Now I'm hungry. :P

  3. That's a good mixture of funny and disgusting. Also that skeleton is harassing the other skeleton.

  4. Woah, that's awesome! I love anatomy, but never took any higher up classes where you get to do awesome stuff like dissect brains!

  5. oh my god.
    My hubby tried to take me to human body exhibit in museum, I told him, you have to kill be first.
    And now you and your attempt

  6. This may in part explain why when I used to shoot up methadone syrup I could taste the cherry. I've been sober for 3 years now but I always wondered why that was.

  7. Glad you didn't get the short straw on the first day of class.

  8. That's just awesome. Also, I'm intrigued that the brain is smelly. I'd like to think my brain smells pretty good, but what do I know? So what does a brain smell like...?

  9. eew. dead tissue + formaldehyde = stinky. At least it's July! Add some heat to the equation and the result is REALLY stinky! BLETCH!

  10. I'll never forget taking my daughter to a biology class at our local community college when she was in middle school. When I picked her up the first day, she was so excited. She said, We dissected a cow's eyeball! BARF. It's not something I want to do, but I admire those of you who can.