Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween pumpkin carving

The girl friend and I ecided to keep up our tradition of carving a pumpkin every year for Halloween and I hink we did a great job! Every year the GF has gotten better and this year is no exception.
We went to safe way to get our pumpkins and carving sets this year instead of the pumpkin patch and the yearly Halloween store. Probably saved fifteen dollars but Iam not sure sacrificing the experience was worth it.
Then earlier that same night we went to a giant corn maze! It was lots of fun because it had signs with questions where if you got it right you went the right way and wrong the wrong way. It was all fine and dandy until after night fall because it became a haunted maze and even though the gf  is usually brave she did not like it. So we hurried out as fast as possible.
Over all this Hoween has been pretty good and its not even over yet!

First you gotta cut the top off and gut the thing!
Then you apply the pattern and cut it out and this is what you end up with! It is so cool to see your finished design!
Mine is the house thing.

OK! Thanks for reading everbody! come back again soon!


  1. Very cool carvings. I don't think I'd like the maze. I can get lost just crossing the street.


  2. Loooks amazing. Are you a doctor or artist

  3. those are very well done. i wish i had the patience to carve pumpkins...